Dodgers Rangers brawl video: Kemp runs over Robinson Chirinos - Sports Illustrated

The Dodgers and Rangers benches cleared for a fight Wednesday night. 

The scuffle began when Kike Hernandez hit a base hit to the opposite field in the bottom of the third, sending Matt Kemp home for the Dodgers. But Kemp ran over Rangers catcher Robinson Chirinos.  

The two nudged each other as they got up and soon Kemp pushed Chirinos who then tried throwing a punch back. The benches cleared as players tried to hold the two apart from each other. 

The rule is that unless a catcher is in the act of fielding the ball, he has to give a path to home. But as announcers pointed out, there's a lot of gray area to the rule. 

Kemp was ruled out with no catcher interference, and both players were ejected from the game. Joc Pederson came in for Kemp, while Carlos Perez came in for Chirinos.

Follow the game here.