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This offseason figures to be a transformative one for the Dodgers, as many key players are set to hit the free-agent market once the World Series wraps up. Turnover is a part of the game, but it's been quite some time since this many high-profile names could be leaving the boys in blue.

One of those players is shortstop Corey Seager, who will explore free agency for the first time in his 7-year career. Many experts are expecting the long-time Dodger to be playing elsewhere when next season begins, especially with the price tag that he is expected to carry. Many have him slated to make over $300-million in his next deal, and that's just not something that Los Angeles is in a position to offer after signing Mookie Betts to $365-million just over a season ago. At least one analyst, however, can see a world where Seager's price drops just enough for the Dodgers to potentially go out and grab him.

"Here's the thing... I don't think [Corey] Seager is going to get as much money as he thinks he is", Steve Mason said on 710 ESPN. "Carlos Correa is a free agent, Trevor Story is a free agent, Javi Báez is a free agent. All of a sudden, there is a glut of shortstops on the market. I think [Seager] will come cheaper than we think he'll come."

The comments came in a recent segment with ESPN's Ramona Shelburne that highlighted the free-agent decisions awaiting the Dodgers. When it comes to Corey Seager, the biggest obstacle remains the money that he will demand. If that price were to drop, however, Los Angeles would love to have him. We already know that they offered Seager a contract extension during the season. They knew it would be rejected with free agency looming, but it shows an interest in finding a way to make it work.

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Besides the price tag, however, the depth of this year's shortstop class is one of the biggest obstacles that Corey Seager faces. There's no denying the talent that Seager possesses, but there won't be many teams with the pockets to give him what he's looking for. If the Yankees go out and sign one of these other high-profile shortstops, Corey may be better off returning to an organization that can give him a decent contract while also offering him a sense of normalcy. 

Final Thoughts

Will the Dodgers be fine without Corey Seager? Yes. They have plenty of firepower, even if none of their 11 free-agents return. Would they be better with him, though? 100 percent. The real question will be how many teams outbid LA for his services, as the Yankees particularly stand out as the main competition for the former World Series MVP. The likeliest scenario is that Seager follows the money, but if the market falls and the Dodgers find themselves in the mix, anything is possible.

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