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The Dodgers bullpen produced a couple of breakout stars last season. Lefty Alex Vesia was one of the 2021 bullpen surprises. With an exceptional fastball and electric mound presence, he quickly became a crowd favorite at Dodger Stadium. 

Vesia was tasked with some of most important outs of the 2021 campaign. He displayed the command and confidence of a seasoned veteran.

The 25-year-old is projected to be Los Angeles Dodgers high-leverage left-handed reliever for the 2022 season. Vesia is putting in the work this offseason to keep that role. On Wednesday, he shared a video of himself pitching to his local high school baseball team.

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As he demonstrates, he's working on his entire pitch mix and is throwing with confidence, despite the fact that it's only January. Pitchers and catchers are due to report for spring training in just over one month, but the MLB lockout continues to go on, suggesting that players will be forced to wait as the league and MLBPA negotiate.

Vesia, along with other major leaguers, is doing all he can to ensure he's ready for the start of the season.