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The Dodgers 2022 campaign has been an up and down affair. Entering play today, LA does have the best record in the NL, despite injuries to key arms and a slump-filled June for the Dodgers bats. The pitching staff still leads the NL in ERA (2.94) and the team has the best run differential in the senior circuit (+140). But on area they've struggled in repeatedly has been challenging plays. 

Entering Saturday night's primetime affair against the Padres, the Dodgers have only been successful on 35% of their replay challenges. After an interesting challenge on Thursday night where the team believed Chris Taylor got hit by a pitch, manager Dave Roberts was asked about his poor recent history on replay reviews.

"I’m hoping it starts to even out. We just have been on the short end a lot. But we’re working through it."

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Roberts took ownership of the ugly stats.

"Ultimately I make the decision to challenge or not challenge and I haven’t been very good. I’ll continue to work through it."

As far as the CT challenge, Roberts said that Taylor believed he got hit by the pitch. The replay center felt differently.

Now, wins and losses matter much more than a manager's challenge record, but it's still an intriguing statistic that could affect some important games during the span of a 162-game season.

The Dodgers will look to cap off the sweep of the visiting Padres today. Clayton Kershaw will be opposed by one of the top prospects in baseball, McKenzie Gore.