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Along with Justin Turner, Max Muncy has yet to get going at the plate. Muncy is still walking at a prodigious rate (28.6%), but the power just hasn't been there. His slugging percentage this year is a meager .292. Max Muncy, quite simply, has been going through it.

Which is why on Friday night Dodgers play-by-play announcer Joe Davis made a comment during the broadcast after it looked like Max was arguing balls and strikes with the home plate umpire. The pitch was an obvious strike.

"That's concerning to see him argue that."

Analyst Orel Hershiser didn't disagree with his partner's take.

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"It sure is. That got a lot of the plate. Wasn't borderline high or low. Just right down the middle."

But after further review, and an exhaustive investigation by baseball Twitter, it came to light that Muncy was arguing that Phillies reliever Jeurys Familia did not come set before delivering the pitch. The Dodgers infielder was of the opinion that a balk should have been called.

Prior to first pitch on Saturday, Davis admitted that he and Hershiser got it wrong during the broadcast. 

Honestly, it's refreshing to see a broadcaster, especially of Davis' stature, admit when they might have got something wrong. 

One fan on Twitter captured the Phillies broadcasters who did note that Familia looked to still be moving before delivering the pitch.

Muncy will look to get back on track today as the Dodgers try to avoid being swept at home by the visiting Philadelphia Phillies.