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Joe Kelly is quite the character around Major League Baseball. With two championships under his belt across a 10-year career, Kelly has made his name known in a big way. He took one World Series against the Dodgers in 2018 and another with Los Angeles in 2020, finally bringing a title back to the City of Angels. 

Aside from being a hard-throwing reliever, Kelly's colorful temperament has always been a part of his image. The most memorable one, unfortunately, was in a series that Dodger fans would rather forget. Before the 2013 NLCS shifted to Chicago for game 6, former Dodger Scott Van Slyke and Kelly had an amusing stand-off that continues to be shown on highlight reels to this day. 

The Dodgers walked away with the victory in that standoff, but the Cards got the last laugh in the series. But ever since then, Kelly's personality stuck with fans in Los Angeles. The Hanley Ramirez broken rib pitch is also unfortunately a part of that memory. 

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But Kelly has his own favorite stories from a long MLB career. 

He shared some of his favorite moments in baseball, and two of them are absolutely hilarious for baseball fans. 

“They say they’re lawyers, and I’m a college dropout. If it was a fair court trial, my lawyer said I smoked them.”

It appears that he came in ready for his deposition, whereas MLB and its attorneys were not. It's no surprise that MLB representatives and their attorneys were prepared for a meeting that was supposed to be a formality. But Joe was itching for a scrap like always.