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Dodgers fans are fortunate to have one of the best broadcast teams in the business. Provided you can actually watch the games… But with SportsNet LA, your Los Angeles Dodgers are comprehensibly covered.

This week, Kirsten Watson, a field reporter for the SNLA, was the subject of a new "day in the life" episode on the Dodgers' YouTube channel, where she revealed a delightful little detail involving cosmetics and Access SportsNet's broadcast team.

A Day in the Life with Kirsten Watson

Watson informs us in the video that Nomar Garciaparra is not a fan of the makeup procedure.

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The men in television do also put on makeup. Orel (Hershiser) loves it. So I’m gonna say that Orel loves getting his makeup done. I feel like Joe (Davis) doesn’t love it, but he knows it’s important. …I feel like Jerry (Hairston Jr) loves it too. You know who doesn’t? Nomar doesn’t like it. Nomar does not like makeup. He’s dressed to the tee, ‘I don’t need makeup because I already look that good.’ But everyone else, they’re fine with it.

The rundown definitely passes the sniff test. Joe, Orel, and John Hartung are professionals who understand the importance of looking good on film. While Hairston 100% seems to be a fan of the on-camera boost. But Nomar is an old-school ballplayer and makeup is just not his style.