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En lieu of spring training updates, baseball fans must resort to preseason previews. The MLB lockout doesn't appear to be ending anytime soon so previews are one of the few ways to talk about actual baseball right now. During Jomboy Media's NL West conversation, Trevor Plouffe expressed his confidence in the Dodgers making the playoff for the 10th straight season. 

The Giants and Padres figure to be the Dodgers main competition in the NL West. Plouffe believes the Dodgers roster depth will carry them to October regardless.

“I am very confident in LA being a postseason team against just because of how well their organization is ran. Do they have some holes? Sure. But they still have the depth. Their depth is insane. Top of their minor league system- insane. Whenever they need to call down and someone gets hurt, they’re able to supplement with an average to an above average player and you can’t say that for most organizations.”

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The Dodgers depth is what got them to the 2021 NLCS despite injuries to Clayton Kersahw, Dustin May, and Trevor Bauer being placed on administrative leave for the final three months of the season. In addition to subpar seasons from a pair of former league MVPs in Cody Bellinger and Mookie Betts. 

Plouffe added that the possibility of Freddie Freeman joining the Dodgers only increases his confidence on the team making the playoffs.

“Again, this is a team that has above average regulars at most of their positions. Are they getting a little older? Sure…this is also a team that’s in on Freddie Freeman. They could be adding this dude to the mix.”

Due to the MLB lockout preventing free agents from signing new contracts, the Dodgers roster, like every team, is an unfinished product.

Even so, Plouffe has no doubts that the Dodgers will once again be a playoff team.