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Dodgers reporter David Vassegh was really looking forward to going down Bernie Brewer's slide. Now that it's over, he's probably wishing he hadn't.

Vassegh, the insider every Dodger loves to pick on, really played up the slide for the cameras, repeatedly screaming "Holy crap!" all the way down, but he didn't realize that the real story would come when the screaming was done and the moaning had started.

Vassegh hit the wall hard, and his body paid the price: two broken bones in his wrist and six fractured ribs.

Here's the video:

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Dodgers play-by-play announcer Joe Davis really shows his range here. He tries with all his might to introduce the video in a straightforward manner, but there's just a hint on his face of what we're in store for. Once they show the video, Davis and Nomar Garciaparra are unable to contain their laughter anymore, along with the rest of us.

After the game, Dodgers catcher Austin Barnes dedicated his performance — two hits, including a home run — to the injured Vassegh, who was back at the stadium doing his job just hours after the incident.

"Yeah, that one was for you," Barnes said to Vassegh after the game. "I know you had a little accident today on the slide, so we all rallied today for you."

On Thursday morning, prior to the 1pm local series finale, Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner returned to document the crime scene.

The "HOLY CRAP" in tape on the wall is the perfect complement to the outline of Vassegh's body slamming into the wall. Wholesome, understated, and hilarious.

Vassegh mentioned on the air that the Dodgers players and training staff took great care of him, and he seemed visibly touched by the love and attention he was shown. It really is a wonderful sign of the family atmosphere around the Dodgers. But it's good for Turner to remind us that, hey, when your nerdy little brother breaks eight bones going down a slide, you definitely can't just let that slide without a joke or two.