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While David Vassegh did suffer two breaks in his wrist and six fractured ribs crashing into a wall after going down Bernie Brewer's slide at Milwaukee's American Family Field, those injuries were apparently minor enough for everyone on the Dodgers to feel comfortable cracking jokes about the incident.

That includes Dodgers third baseball Justin Turner, who was with Vassegh at the time of the injury and therefore had an up-close-and-personal view of the whole thing.

Turner returned to the site of the incident on Thursday morning before the Dodgers-Brewers series finale, and he did a little redecorating.

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Much like the Dodgers did when Gavin Lux smashed into the wall at Dodger Stadium last year, JT created a faux-chalk outline with athletic tape of where Vassegh hit the wall, along with the words "HOLY CRAP," which Vassegh yelled repeatedly on his way down the slide. And, of course, Turner included a #HolyCrap hashtag on his tweet of the photo.

Watch the incident, and be sure to have your sound on:

"Hi, guys!"

Vassegh was back at work just a couple hours after the incident, and he actually recorded an interview with Turner before heading to the hospital for x-rays. His dedication to his job surely earned some admiration and respect from Turner and the Dodgers, who reportedly took great care of Vassegh after the crash.

But Turner and the rest of the Dodgers are definitely going to make a lot of jokes about it, too. After all, he did break eight bones going down a slide.