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Dodgers News: Mad Max Scherzer Is Ready For The Wild Card Game Against the Cardinals

Dodgers' Trea Turner says Max Scherzer Is angry.

Trea Turner and Max Scherzer have already been in the trenches of playoff baseball together. They both won a World Series Championship as members of the Washington Nationals in 2019, and Turner knows the competitive fire of Scherzer better than anyone. Turner says Scherzer is already angry and ready to pitch against the Cardinals, Wednesday night at Dodger Stadium.

“He’s (Scherzer) already angry. He’s gonna be the same guy, same intensity and just do what he does. He prepares better than anybody and he’s ready to pitch every single time he’s given the ball whether it’s game one or a postseason game. So I think he’s gonna be the same guy."

Manager Dave Roberts spoke about being confident in Scherzer being the Dodgers starter on Wednesday night.

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“We feel very good with Max taking the mound. And no one knows Max better than Trea so if he’s already angry, I guess that’s a good thing.” 

The competitive fire of Scherzer is well-known amongst his competitors and teammates, even his manager, Roberts. The day Scherzer told Roberts not to touch him (as he doesn't like being touched on the days he's pitching) is one Roberts won't soon forget. This of course was not Scherzer being hateful to his Skipper, but just an evocation of his intensity on the days he pitches. When Scherzer pitches, he owns the mound. 

Scherzer of course for the 2021 season is in the Cy Young conversation as he ended the season with a 2.46 ERA, 15 wins, 236 K’s and a 0.86 WHIP.

Wednesday nights NL Wild Card game is at 5:10 p.m. PT at Dodger Stadium.