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Dodgers News: Starters Set for Doubleheader vs Diamondbacks Today

The rookies lead the way for the Dodgers.

The Dodgers are set to play a scheduled doubleheader today at Dodger Stadium. The set comes in the midst of an awkward five games in four days stretch against the Diamondbacks thanks to the reshuffled schedule following the extended lockout in the offseason.

These days, the games don't mean all too much for the Dodgers. Sure they're hoping to lock down home field advantage throughout the playoffs. But more importantly, the team is trying to keep players rested and healthy. Or at least just not overworked. With that in mind, we see a different approach to game one of today's doubleheader.

It's the all-rookie game... sort of.

The team announced that right-hander Michael Grove is set to start game one and act as an opener against the Arizona ballclub. Ryan Pepiot will be called back up and act as the 29th man as is allowed for doubleheader days.

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For those wondering about Pepiot's option status for this year, Jeff Snider has you covered.

Pepiot has been optioned to the minors five times this year, which maxes him out according to the limits set in the new CBA agreed to by the owners and the players this spring. That means Pepiot can't be optioned again this year, but the doubleheader provides a loophole around that rule. A player called up to be the extra player in a doubleheader isn't technically "recalled," and he doesn't technically have to be "optioned" afterwards. So the Dodgers will be allowed to "return" Pepiot to the minors after his appearance on Tuesday.  

So that's that for game 1. For game 2, Tyler Anderson is scheduled to get the ball for his 26th start of the year. The problem is that he's currently on the paternity leave list as he and his wife welcomed a new baby boy into the world over the weekend.

In all likelihood, one of Andre Jackson or Justin Bruihl will be the odd man out for Anderson's roster spot -- depending on their usage. Or, the Dodgers can take liberties with that Pepiot loophole and somehow get Tyler that spot on the roster.

Get your home office fridge well stocked with Coke Zero and Jim Beam... it's gonna be a long one today.