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Dodgers Place Edwin Rios on IL, Recall Adam Kolarek, and it Might Have Been Avoided

Dodgers Place Edwin Rios on IL, Recall Adam Kolarek
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This is bad news. And while it would be unfair to say that it was completely avoidable, it is fair to say that the result might have been quite different with even a small dose of common sense applied. The Dodgers announced late Monday afternoon that they have placed rookie infielder/outfielder Edwin Rios on the injured list with a left hamstring stain.

In the second inning of Sunday's series finale with the Angels in Anaheim, Rios pulled into second base stretching a double while grabbing his hamstring. After a brief chat with skipper Dave Roberts, along with the team's trainer, and Rios doing a little six or seven foot trial jog, the player convinced the men, who one would think would be the more objective about such things, that he ought to stay in the game.

Matt Beaty singled to center on the ensuing play, and with Rios limping around third trying to score the game's first run, Beaty was out attempting to take second base on the play. Beaty was tagged out before Rios touched home plate, nullifying an easy run and early lead for the visitors. And you could see it coming a mile away. 

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The Dodgers won the game handily, 8-3, which of course, is secondary. They've lost a rising young power man for who knows how long. Yes, Rios might've hit the IL had his manager removed him from the game promptly, but logic says otherwise.

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I don't know what it is about the Dodgers and hamstrings, but this is a problem that dates to the Mattingly Administration. And it's just plain malpractice. No excuse whatsoever. It is not now nor has it ever been a ball player's job to self-diagnose. His job is to play baseball. It's in an athlete's nature to say "I'm fine, Skip." It's his bosses job to know better.

In the meantime, Rios is lost to the club for at least 10 days and lefty reliever Adam Kolarek replaces him on the roster. For the moment. Look for Gavin Lux to be promoted shortly. He really ought to be with the big club already.

Dodgers fans have every right to be upset. I know I am.

And remember, glove conquers all.

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