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On Tuesday, news broke that the Dodgers legal team is asking a LA Superior Court judge to order the wife of a man who was hospitalized after an alleged incident at Dodger Stadium to produce evidence supporting their claim of emotional distress.

Rafael Reyna's lawsuit against the Dodgers alleges assault, battery, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and premises liability stemming from the purported events of after a game at Dodger Stadium on March 29, 2019.

Reyna alleges that he was beaten by five individuals and suffered a major head injury upon his head striking the parking lot asphalt. 

Reyna's wife, Christel, stated the following through their lawyers (quotes via AM640 KFI):

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"At the time of (Rafael Reyna's 0 vicious beating, (Rafael Reyna) was on the phone with his wife, (Christel Reyna) heard her husband being assaulted and his head hitting the ground. She continued hearing her husband's labored breathing and groans. She stayed on the phone until people assisted her husband.'' 

The Dodgers legal team wants the judge to order Christel Reyna to produce a recording of the events that lay part of the basis for the couple's claim.

"Without additional records and information from Mrs. Reyna, the Dodgers have no knowledge of what additional subpoenas, depositions or other discovery needs to be conducted in order to fully prepare this matter for trial."

The Reyna's believe that the Dodgers are at fault and that the "dimly lit" parking lot played a major factor in the alleged assault.

A hearing is scheduled for December 9th.