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Dodgers Rumors: As You'd Expect, Yankees 'Hold the Edge' in Aaron Judge Sweepstakes

MLB insider Jon Heyman thinks the Yankees are more likely to sign Aaron Judge than either the Dodgers or Giants, his two main suitors.

The Dodgers and Giants are considered the biggest threats to take Aaron Judge away from the Yankees, with San Francisco holding he edge over Los Angeles for a variety of reasons. In addition to being the team Judge grew up rooting for, the Giants also seem more likely to actually offer him the kind of contract he's looking for.

As Jon Heyman writes in the New York Post, both teams are at a disadvantage compared to the Yankees, the team he's played his entire career for and the team Heyman thinks he's most likely to continue playing for.

While the Giants and Dodgers seem like the biggest threats to sign away superstar Aaron Judge, both carry potential complications in pursuits against the Yankees, who hold edges for Judge in legacy, ballpark and familiarity.

Heyman notes two obstacles the Giants face: Their ballpark and, surprisingly, geography.

The Giants are clearly gung-ho in their efforts and said to be “elated” by their visit this week with Judge, but the idea they hold an advantage as his “hometown” team seems specious; he’s from Linden, Calif., two hours and a lifestyle away. (Judge actually lives now in Tampa, which is Yankees territory.) 

The Giants have tried before for big power stars, but came up short for Bryce Harper and were rejected by Judge’s friend Giancarlo Stanton. They may have learned from the Harper try, when they came in late and low, but Oracle Park remains ranked in the bottom third for homers even if it wouldn’t hold most of Judge’s super long drives.

As for the Dodgers, Heyman notes that even their biggest contracts are generally good values, and Judge might not fit that mold.

Mookie Betts at about $290 million (the value of his $365 million deal with deferrals) and Freddie Freeman at $150 million (the value of his $162 million deal) are among the best recent management contracts. Judge certainly doesn’t look as if he’ll become a value play off an historic season, at least upon signing.

Judge looks good in pinstripes, and he might stay in them for a while.