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Dodgers Rumors: NL West Rivals Making Contact With Cody Bellinger

Former Dodgers outfielder Cody Bellinger may return to the NL West after all
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Even with Cody Bellinger expected to not come back to the team, Dodgers fans across the country would love to see Bellinger flourish on a new team. However, if Bellinger ends up with the Giants then Dodgers fans may have to think twice before supporting there former MVP.

The Giants reportedly have shown interest in Bellinger and Mets outfielder Brandon Nimmo for there abilities to play center field. Bellinger still proves to be an enticing option at such a young age providing a low risk profile in a short term contract. 

As talks start to heat up and the possibility of Bellinger landing more money with another team, the door slowly closes for a Dodgers reunion. It's hard to blame Bellinger for wanting more money and still having a strong belief in himself. 

Nonetheless, Dodgers fans now have to consider the idea of rooting against Bellinger if he chooses to sign with the Giants, a team that is looking for two outfielders (via Darragh McDonals, MLB Trade Rumors).

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What sets Nimmo and Bellinger apart from most of the other free agent outfielders is the ability to play a competent center field. As noted by Slusser, the Giants’ outfield defense graded out poorly in 2022. Defensive Runs Saved pegged them at -44, easily the worst in baseball with the Pirates next on the list at -33. Outs Above Average gave them a -25, tied with the Phillies for last. 

Despite the poor hitting from Bellinger, his defensive efforts are enough to keep him a hot commodity in the outfield. Defense wins championships and if Bellinger can find a way to get out of his hitting struggles he can be dangerous again.