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Dodgers fans struggling to legally watch their favorite baseball team has been all too common over the years. The inception of SportsNet LA complicated things for some fans, and at one time, Vin Scully, but there's some modern solutions coming. If baseball wants to start bringing in new fans, they'll have to start getting creative. 

During the lockout (sorry to use the "l" word), MLB announced a deal with AppleTV+ to allow the tech giant to exclusively stream select games. The Dodgers Jackie Robinson Day game today is one of 'em. 

Meaning, it will not be airing on SportsNet LA per usual. 

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Apple reportedly paid roughly $85M for the rights to exclusively stream select games on their platform. 

Early feedback from viewers is that the Apple TV games appear to have a clearer picture and feature an appealing, clean look.

To watch today's game, Dodgers fans will not have pay a dollar. The games are free until June 24th. After that, a subscription will likely be required. Apple didn't pay $85M to give games away for free. Reportedly. 

The paywall is coming, but for now, fans around the country will get to enjoy the Dodgers Jackie Robinson Day game. 

The link to watch the Dodgers-Reds game can be found here