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The Dodgers have proven they're willing to spend big on free agents to supplement their homegrown talent. Could Juan Soto, this era's Ted Williams, be LA's next target?

In an article by ESPN's Enrique Rojas this week, it was revealed that Soto turned down a 13-year, $350M extension from Washington prior to the MLB lockout. 

It's not surprising. Soto is a Boras Corporation client so he's destined for the open market to "secure the bag" as the kids say. 

ESPN's Jeff Passan opined that Soto receiving the first $500M contract in American professional sports isn't out of the question. 

Last season, Soto registered a .999 OPS and a wRC+ of 163. Soto led all position players in WAR after the All-Star break (4.8) and batted .348. Soto was the runner-up to former teammate Bryce Harper in 2021 NL MVP voting. 

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The Athletic Jim Bowden stated in November that Soto would "more likely to end up with the Dodgers or the Yankees" than the Nationals in the future. 

Of course, Bowden is the same guy that proclaimed last year that third baseman Nolan Arenado would "be a Dodger by Christmas".

 Arenado was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals in February of last year. 

Soto isn't a free agent until 2025 so the dream of the Dodgers signing him is just that, a dream.

For now.