Paul Dolan Goes Back to the "Enjoy Him" Line Regarding Lindor During Sports Awards Speech

Matt Loede

Remember the ‘enjoy him’ line last year spoken in an interview by Cleveland Indians owner Paul Dolan that caused him to take a ton of heat?

Forget backing away from it, the Tribe owner seems to be doubling down on it. Or at least trying to own it instead of running away from it.

Dolan, who was bashed by fans and naysayers alike over the line pertaining to shortstop Francisco Lindor and the team’s inability to sign him to a long term deal, went back to the statement as part of his speech at the Greater Cleveland Sports Awards on Wednesday night.

The Dolans were receiving the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ by the commission, and Paul at the end of the speech joked again trying to ease the tension over Lindor eventually being a former member of the Wahoo’s.

“I’m very excited about this year’s season,” Dolan said via 92.3 The Fan's James Rapien on Twitter.

“We have a good crop of young players, we saw them start to develop last year. And of course we have some old stars, one of whom happens to play shortstop (Lindor) – who I know I’m going to enjoy.

“I’m not sure I can tell you people to enjoy him, but he is certainly fun to watch and I’m looking forward to October baseball.”

The biggest storyline this offseason for the Indians has been about the future of Lindor and if the team was going to trade him before the 2020 season.

It appears that unless something changes he will again be on the roster, but many still feel that he will be a former Indians no later than the July Major League trading deadline.

Until then – Dolan is going to take him own advice and ‘enjoy’ the play of his franchise player.

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You know that I blame this Lindor situation alittle bit on Lindor himself. I mean he deserves what he can get being the great ballplayer that he is but he expresses how much the entire Cleveland experience is so great then why can't he work with the Dolans on a reasonable solution of a new contract that is both conducive to him, the Dolans and all of his Cleveland fans! Just my observation