A Message From Inside The Rangers on Opening Day

Our Rangers insider Chris Halicke gives a message from Inside The Rangers.
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Opening Day. Those two words are usually music to every baseball fan's ears. But, not today. Today, those two words are a harsh reminder that the baseball season isn't starting today, March 26th. 

This should be put into perspective. There is something much bigger than baseball going on right now. The coronavirus pandemic has shut down many aspects of our world for a reason. As much as the players, coaches, media, and fans want baseball to be played on this day, it's the absolute right move. Public health and safety is always priority over sports. Period.

That doesn't mean waking up to the reminder that less than a month ago, this day was going to be filled with anticipation and excitement. Even if some Rangers' fans didn't believe the team would be a playoff contender this season, Opening Day brings out the optimist in all of us. After all, every team is still in it after Opening Day, win or lose. 

To help cope with the lack of baseball today, MLB and its teams are going to different lengths to help soften the blow. Select classic games are available on YouTube and FOX Sports Southwest is airing encore Rangers games from 2019 every day and time the Rangers were supposed to play this season.

Everyone in the baseball world longs for the return of this game we know and love, but it should be done in the right way. We know it's not today, but baseball will return to us all. The hardest part is the uncertainty. But if we do our part as good citizens and make smart and shrewd decisions, it will be here sooner rather than later. 

We will always work to bring Rangers fans content, whether baseball is being played or not. The Rangers community is a strong one and we take pride and joy on interacting with the fans.  

Soon enough, we'll get to hear those famous words from Chuck Morgan that let us know baseball is truly about to begin.

"It's baseball time in Texas!"

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