Adalberto Mondesi Heads Back to Injured List With Oblique Injury

The Inside the Royals crew convened to give their thoughts on the latest developments surrounding the 25-year-old shortstop.

Just days after activating shortstop Adalberto Mondesi from the injured list with a hamstring injury, the Kansas City Royals placed him back on the list for the third time this season. The Inside the Royals crew convened to give their thoughts on the latest developments surrounding the 25-year-old.

Tucker Franklin: Man, seeing the recent news of Adalberto Mondesi hitting the injured list again really stinks. I can't imagine what he's going through. It's been a tough season for the 25-year-old and it's only getting tougher. In the games he's played this season, he's been the best player on the field and that's what makes his most recent stint on the IL so frustrating. Mondesi was described by general manager Dayton Moore as "devastated" by the news and I certainly am too. I hate to see a talent like Mondesi's not on the field.  

Mark Van Sickle: I thought Mondesi was past the injury issues and ready to roll for the rest of the season. Only playing in 10 games won’t cut it. It isn’t a big sample size, but 4 home runs and hitting .361 along with his brilliant defense showed us that he is a difference-maker when in the lineup. I would still extend him if given the chance but I understand the frustration with how things are currently playing out. Get well soon, Mondi.

Marcus Meade: The issue all oft-injured players like Mondesi present teams is a high state of uncertainty. Uncertainty makes people risk-averse and places teams in this odd bind where there’s a large risk to any move you make. Extend him? If he’s hurt that’s money wasted. Trade him? If he’s not hurt, that’s value lost. Keep him and do nothing? If he’s hurt, he’s a drag on your roster. It’s all a gamble at this point, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Moore still wants to extend him and prepare for his pattern of injury.

Danielle Sachse: Mondesi back to the IL...again. The biggest question at play is what is his training process like? Why can’t he stay healthy? With only appearing in 10 games this season, it comes into question how he is training his body and what changes can be made so that the best player on the Royals roster (when playing) can stay healthy for more than two days at a time...I hope to see him back and healthy on the roster this season so the Royals can keep him around for a little while longer.

Sterling Holmes: Is he taking up a roster spot? No, because Dozier, Gutierrez, O’Hearn, etc are on this team. Can they afford a player who gets hurt so much? They could if they didn’t pay and extend dudes who hit .119. I’d rather have 30 games of amazing and 132 games of average than 162 games of average. I guess watching Chris Getz with a good eye (Nicky Lopez) doesn’t do it for me. Want to know more about my thoughts? Let’s get into it on Twitter, @homestretchKC.

Christopher Tenpenny: Let’s be clear, Adalberto Mondesi is the most talented player the Royals have at any level (yes, including Bobby Witt Jr.). That’s what makes fans react so harshly to the injuries he’s sustained over his career. We just want to see the guy play! While most people are at the tipping point, players like Mondesi do not come around that often. Getting rid of him now or trying to find another option is not something small market teams have the luxury of doing. He does so many things well that the Royals are going to continue to give him opportunities and probably even extend him. The clock may be ticking, but it certainly has not run out.

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