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SI Insider: Joey Votto Could Be on a Very Interesting Path to Cooperstown

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May 7th, 2008, a rookie for the Cincinnati Reds named Joey Votto hits three home runs in a game all hit off of different Chicago Cubs pitchers. 

Twelve years later, and before the coronavirus hit, Joey Votto was in line to reach three major milestones this season. 300 homers, 1000 RBI's and 2,000 hits. Impressive numbers, but not automatic entry into the Hall of Fame. 

Other first baseman who have hit those marks include Fred McGriff, Adrian Gonzalez, Paul Konerko and Lee May. But Joey Votto does something that very few in his generation have done so well. Get on base. 

He's led the National League and on-base percentage seven times, and that's helped him to an impressive career OPS plus of 150. Now, Votto is 36 years old. His worst two slugging seasons have come in the last two years and a shortened season will hold down his total career numbers. 

But Joey Votto may be paving a rather unique path to Cooperstown for a first baseman. Not so much on the slugging, but getting there one base at a time.