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Hot Clicks: Minor League Baseball Stadiums to Offer Concession Items To-Go

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Minor League teams such as The Clinton Lumberkings, Rochester Red Wings, and Cedar Rapids Kernels are now offering fans a chance to order concession items to go. SI's Robin Lundberg why the new tactic is strange but may be perfect for fans of the sport.

Robin Lundberg: Buy me some peanuts and go? As someone who is ordering a lot of delivery lately, I hadn’t really considered concession stand cuisine...but apparently, that’s an option from some minor league teams The Clinton Lumberkings, Rochester Red Wings and Cedar Rapids Kernels amongst others are offering to go concession items Now I always found such fare to be expensive and kind of was just something I ate because I was there. But to each his own...even if eating ballpark food seems like a bit of a stretch without the seventh inning