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SI Insider: The 82-Game MLB Season Could Provide an Interesting Playoff Lineup

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If all goes well and the MLB does move forward with an 82-game season, MLB playoffs could feature some teams you may not expect. SI's Tom Verducci shares how an 82-game 2020 MLB season presents a unique scenario for both players and fans. 

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Former Baltimore manager Buck Showalter liked to say that in a 162-game season, there are no Cinderellas. This is a different story. If we get an 82-game season, Cinderella is all dressed up and ready to dance. The finish could be crazy. I went back and looked at the last three years and where teams stood after 82 games. I also applied the proposed playoff format. Seven teams in each league. On average, 19 of the 30 teams stood within two games of a playoff spot after 82 games last year. The Rangers and the Padres would be dancing in an 82 game season. They'd be playoff teams. 

Now, you would also have multiple ties because baseball would see teams one through seven. Except they're doing away with playing tiebreaker games. So whatever formula is used to break ties becomes super important. We'll take any season that we can get with Major League Baseball. But a 82-game season, that just might be wild.