Players Face A New Reality As MLB Releases Proposed Health and Safety Regulations

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MLB has proposed new health and safety regulations to help bring Baseball back, yet a lot of it will require fundamental changes to players' behaviors. SI writer Stephanie Apstein breaks down the new regulations and thoughts that MLB players have towards it.

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Madelyn Burke: Major League Baseball distributed its proposed health and safety regulations last week, as the league looks to get back on the field as SI's Stephanie Apstein writes, "if the league does get its way, player behavior will have to change significantly to abide by the new standards, which means in part, no spitting." So, Stephanie, what are some of the changes that MLB is proposing here?

Stephanie Apstein: Yeah, I think no spitting is the one that's really gotten people's attention, at least among the players. But they also they're asking them not to shower at the ballpark. They're asking them not to use the hot and cold recovery tubs, wash their hands between innings, lockers six feet apart. And so in some cases, they'll have to have two locker rooms because they can't send everyone in one. They're going to be a lot of sort of social distancing type regulations.

Madelyn Burke: How are the players reacted to this proposal so far?

Stephanie Apstein: I think, for the most part, the feeling is that if they're small changes, they will find a way to make it work. I talked to Charlie Blackmon who said he will buy a trashcan at Home Depot and you will sell it with ice and water and that will be his cold tub. So we wanted to share it with anyone. But no spitting thing that has been a bigger problem than you would expect, not because the players are being so ornery, I think, but because most of them don't even realize they're doing it. And so it's hard for them to imagine stopping.

Madelyn Burke: Yeah. Obviously, a lot of things are going to be in flux as the league looks to get back on the field. Stephanie I’ve seen thanks so much for the insight. Thanks for having me.