White Sox draft recap: A delicious duo

After snagging Crochet and Kelley, the rest hardly mattered
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Rather than court controversy and debate, as is the nature of most drafts, the Chicago White Sox went out this week and just got the job done.

Recent moves by the team indicate an uncommon financial aggression:

  • Outbidding St. Louis and others to secure [insert year here] Opening Day center fielder Luis Robert
  • Storming out of the gate to gobble up Yasmani Grandal this past fall, before most other team's alarm clocks had even rung to wake them up for free agency
  • Becoming essentially the only team of 30 to swallow hard and have some straight talk with blue-chip prep Jared Kelley, determining his price to forego the University of Texas — and then, mercy mercy me, meeting it

So, with the aggressive pick of indeterminate-role-but-delicious-power-arm Garrett Crochet in the first round and easy heat Kelley in the second, the White Sox have had a draft for the ages.

(Relatively speaking, of course. Two picks ain't squat in the normal scheme of 40, but in a five-man draft? Oh my.)

After the grind of the draft but perhaps before any official victory lap, scouting director Mike Shirley spoke on each pick, with (naturally) extra attention paid to the Kelley coup. Watch the entire conversation below, courtesy of the Chicago White Sox (edited to get under 12 minutes):

Highlights from Shirley on each pick:

Garrett Crochet an elite left-handed pitcher, who we think will be a starter, with a three-pitch mix. The intangibles that he brings in terms of toughness and athleticism is something we really gravitated towards

Our SSHP profile on Crochet

Jared Kelley power body that really controls his delivery effectively ... the most important thing for a young arm, how developed the command is and how many strikes he actually uses with his fastball

Our SSHP profile on Kelley

Adysin Coffey a two-way player, we actually have some interest in him doing both ... a right-handed pitcher who can play shortstop, third base, center field, that tells you the kind of athlete we're talking about

Our SSHP profile on Coffey

Kade Mechals stuff was really ticking up ... in this new world of data, this guy has elite carry to his fastball and a really good breaking ball, so [we like] his ability to pitch north and south in the zone

Our SSHP profile on Mechals

Bailey Horn another guy whose stuff is at an uptick ... a 90-94 mph guy, breaking ball is really coming, plus competitor

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