Hot Clicks: NFL replacement refereers to start season; Bar Refaeli

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A lot of people are using this awful explanation by replacement ref Don Bell in last night's Pats-Giants game as proof that the NFL is doomed without regular officials such as Jeff Triplette (above). I guess they've forgotten about this and this and this and this.

Reality Check

Jeff Triplette :: Leon Halip/Getty Images

Rays infielder Sean Rodriguez, who is in the minors after playing in 106 games with the big club this season and was expected to be part of the call-ups on Sept. 1, broke his right hand Sunday after punching a locker following an argument with a teammate.

Ridiculous Injury Of The Day

The song baseball fans will have beaten into their heads in October is from Bruce Springsteen. TBS will use The Boss's Land of Hope and Dreams for its postseason coverage.

The Boss And Baseball

Bar Refaelihas just done some of her best work ever.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Bar Refaeli :: SI

Chad Johnsondiscovered yesterday that he's not in the new Madden NFL 13 game. ... This was the highlight of the latest episode of Hard Knocks. ... Here's a look at how 13 classic video games got their names.

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The Hot Clicks NFL Pick 'Em Pool is back for another year. The rules are very simple. Pick each NFL game this season with the point spread. Whoever has the most wins at the end of the year wins a prize package. Sign up here. I can't confirm anything at this moment about the prize, but think 50-inch TV from Toshiba.

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The first five people to e-mail me ( the answers to the four questions below will win the Boardwalk Empire Season 2 HBO Select box set, which enables you to watch the release on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download. You must e-mail me (do not fill out the form below) and put "Contest" in the subject line. All answers come from recent Hot Clicks.

1. Which two MLB players performed in the No. 3 video in Hot Clicks' countdown of the 10 best videos of the summer?

2. Who was the first athlete to guest write an edition of Hot Clicks?

3. Which two NFL cheerleading squads have been featured in Hot Clicks this week?

4. Two football players from which school were arrested for stealing male enhancement pills?

UPDATE: Contest is over. Winners have been e-mailed. Answers were 1) Aroldis Chapman and Bronson Arroyo; 2) Chris Cooley; 3) Titans and Redskins; 4) Ball State.

Giveaway Of The Day

This is video of Charles Barkley completely butchering Boyz II Men's End of the Road before being joined by members of Boyz II Men.

Sports Video Of The Day

I posted this video last year, but Mark, of Norman, Okla., asked to see it again after watching the waterslide video in yesterday's A.M. Hot Clicks.

Human Slingshot Video Of The Day