October 03, 2012

Ever since the Olympics, swimming superstar Ryan Lochte has been spotted out of the pool more often than in it. SI.com's Maggie Gray catches up with Lochte for a podcast in the midst of his busy schedule to talk everything post-London, including Lochte's acting stints, Anna Wintour and Saturday Night Live.

Below are five excerpts from the podcast; to hear the full interview, use the player to the right.

SI.com: Try to sum up a few of the highlights of this post-Olympic victory lap:

Lochte: Definitely doing my first acting [spot] on 90201. Also, I did an episode on 30 Rock and I was the E! correspondent for Fashion Week.

SI.com: Was there anyone that you met for the first time that you were really looking forward to finally crossing paths with?

Lochte: Dwyane Wade. Actually, I interviewed him, and afterwards we hung out a little. I thought that was pretty cool. I also met Lil' Wayne.

SI.com: What was the reaction when you would walk into fashion shows?

Lochte: I think everything's really changed since the Olympics. Not even just walking into fashion shows but even getting off the plane in New York or wherever or walking down the streets in New York, I get people who stop me asking for an autograph or a picture. It's pretty amazing that doing something that I love to do has gotten me this far to get this many fans.

SI.com: We're assuming you've met [Vogue editor-in-chief] Anna Wintour a few times, and she seems to pop up at a lot of different sporting events. Has she explained to you what her fascination with atheltes is?

Lochte: No she hasn't, I actually haven't gotten to ask her that. But I know she's big into sports and loves athletes so hopefully down the road I can get her to a swim meet.

SI.com: In your mind, can swimming become a mainstream sport?

Lochte: You know what, it can. I honestly believe that, I think that's one of the golas me and Michale Phelps are trying to [achieve]. He did a tremendous job of making it more noticeable just through his swimming achievements, and for me as well, but I want to take it outside the sport and take it into pop culture. You see the NBA, you see NFL, the NHL always on TV. Why can't swimming be like that? It's the most talked-about sport at the Olympics, why can't we have that every year?

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