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Video: Heat's LeBron James flips in crazy and-one in Game 7 against Spurs

MIAMI -- Game 7 of the Finals got off to a choppy start, with Miami taking a 46-44 lead over San Antonio into halftime.

The early highlight of the night belonged to LeBron James, who powered down the court in transition midway through the second quarter, faking his way past Kawhi Leonard into the paint before lifting off for a layup. Weakside help from Danny Green forced James to hang an extra split second in the air, and the 2013 MVP flipped up a shot as he crashed down to the court. Replays showed that James reach back as he went under the hoop, flipping up a spinning shot that circled the rim and fell through.

The hoop gave Miami a 30-27 lead when James added the and-one free throw after Green was called for a foul on the play.

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James had a game-high 15 points, three rebounds and one assist at halftime.

Video via YouTube user sky2847