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Speculation will abound, but Heat have right formula for a dynasty

The Heat defeated the Spurs 95-88 to capture their second straight title.

The Heat defeated the Spurs 95-88 to capture their second straight title.

As much as Bosh is criticized for what he isn't, he needs to be recognized for how he enables the Heat to play to their style. His perimeter-based game leaves the paint open to be attacked by LeBron James and Wade (when healthy) while forcing a big man to come out and defend him. Midseason pickup Chris Andersen also fit into their system because he was able to lurk along the baseline to finish layups and dunks created by his penetrating teammates. A traditional low-post big man would force a change in the evolving style of play that has generated two championships. Credit should also be given for Bosh's selflessness: How many stars would accept only five shots for the greater good of the team?

They can't look beyond next year because James will be a free agent, and his next decision will largely be influenced by the outcome of 2013-14. As much as the attention will be on Bosh, the hopes of Miami will rest on Wade and his ability to stay healthy through next season. If he is his old self, then the problems the Heat create will always be greater than those imposed upon them. If Wade isn't healthy, then James will have to find other ways to triumph. In any case, there aren't a lot of options, and it isn't as if Miami is operating from a position of weakness: The ultimate burden to make moves this summer is going to be felt by their rivals. The two-time champs have a winning formula and they should be careful about messing with it.

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