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Video: Kevin Durant, JaVale McGee rock the rim at Drew League

Summertime hoops are a sugary, insubstantial substitute for quality NBA basketball, but they come stocked with enough highlights to help pass the offseason time.

Case in point: Kevin Durant's nasty jam in a Los Angeles-based Drew League game, framed by the perfectly executed defense we've come to expect from playground basketball. All it takes is a barely there screen and two dribbles to get Durant from the three-point line to YouTube.

But Durant's hardly on his own in turning the Drew League into a highlight factory. James Harden, DeMar DeRozan and other NBA players have been regulars at the summer pro-am league, including the incessantly entertaining JaVale McGee:

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Good fun all around for the Nuggets' McGee, who was born to play basketball in so casual a setting. Open space and a never-ending string of fast breaks could do wonders for the game of any gifted athlete, but those conditions are especially helpful in extracting value from McGee's gangly sprints up the court.


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