DeAndre Jordan can't pick a team, but he can dunk a basketball. Check out his best highlights here. 

By SI Wire
July 08, 2015

DeAndre Jordan can't pick a team, but he can dunk a basketball. And block it.

And while the basketball world wonders what DeAndre will do, it's a great time to remember exactly what he'll bring to the Mavericks or back to the Clippers, where he's been assaulting, as well as defending, rims for a long time now.

He's sharpened his skills to max-contract level, as one of the league's best finishers around the rim. He shot 71% from the floor last season (second all-time to Wilt Chamberlain's 72.7% in 1972-73), with 98.7% of his attempts coming from within 10 feet, per 

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And once around the basket, Jordan can do stuff like this, threatening to catch the ball and finish when defenses least expect it. Brandon Knight certainly didn't. Remember this? Yeah, probably. Back when the Clippers were “Lob City” proper, he was a big part of it.

But wait, there's more.


​He's also a force on the defensive end. Jordan blocked 2.2 shots per game last season, and opponents shot 49.9 percent on shots he defended less than 10 feet from the basket, which is, to say, 4.3 percent worse, which is significant. He's become a guy you can anchor your whole scheme around, and his decision could shift the Western Conference balance of power accordingly.

By this point, you get the idea.

And finally, despite Jordan's well-documented free throw struggles, remember the Clippers and Mavericks are getting a center who once made a three-point shot.


Prayer hand emojis out to the Mavs and Clips as Thursday's signing period begins.

The battle for DeAndre Jordan is being fought with emojis

- Jeremy Woo

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