Former Loyola Marymount star Bo Kimble thinks Chris Bosh should avoid an NBA comeback.

By SI Wire
May 23, 2016

Former Los Angeles Clippers and New York Knicks guard Bo Kimble believes Chris Bosh should avoid returning to the NBA.

Bosh has missed every game after the All-Star break in each of the last two seasons due to blood clots. In 2015, the situation grew serious, as Bosh was hospitalized when the clot traveled to his lung.

Kimble played for Loyola Marymount when his teammate Hank Gathers passed away at 23, with Gathers collapsing on the court during a game due to a heart condition. Also on the court for that game was Bosh’s coach with the Heat, Erik Spoelstra, who was playing for the Portland Pilots.

“There are so many other things he could do with his life,” Kimble told TMZ. “Hank Gathers had the same thing, Hank could have been a comedian, and actor or did speaking engagements. It’s not worth the risk. I would just say absolutely not, don’t do it.

“If Hank had the ability to do it again he wouldn't have paid the ultimate price ... I am sure [Bosh] has children and they are going to need their father around as much as possible.”

Why Chris Bosh’s blood clot kept him out of the playoffs

Bosh has three years and roughly $75 million left on his contract with the Heat. The Heat are reportedly unsure about his future.

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