Open Floor Podcast: Chaos reigns after Kevin Durant chooses Warriors

Kevin Durant picked the Warriors and chaos ensued. In the latest episode of the Open Floor Podcast, Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver try to make sense of the fallout from Durant's decision. 
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Kevin Durant took the world by storm on a sleepy Fourth of July when he decided to join the Golden State Warriors. His move shook up the NBA landscape and elicited reactions from players, fans and media members alike. 

In the wake of Durant's decision to leave the Thunder, Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver debate what this means for the new Warriors star, Stephen Curry, and the rest of the NBA.

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There is no doubt this move will have a domino effect that spreads far and wide, and Sharp and Golliver have a long list of questions about how things will play out. In this latest episode, they ask: Is this a good thing? How will it work? Was Nike involved? What will the Thunder do now? And, finally, where should Russell Westbrook go?