The Cavs–Warriors war of words has already started.

By Jeremy Woo
May 25, 2017

The strange, passive dance surrounding the inevitable Cavs–Warriors finals matchup is growing more and more obvious by the day, and with Cleveland on the verge of eliminating Boston, it’s go time.

Tyronn Lue commented that the Celtics are harder to defend than the Warriors. Someone raised this to Mike Brown, who’s been hanging around with the rest of Golden State just waiting for the June 1 Finals start date. And here is what he said.

It’s cute!

It doesn’t take a firsthand NBA education to know that the Warriors on an average night are not easier to guard than the Celtics, although easier is relative and yes, Klay Thompson has been playing terribly.

But the obvious thing is that these are mind games and not factual statements.

And so it begins. It’s cute.

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