Adam Silver: LaVar Ball will ‘settle down’ after Lonzo is drafted

Commissioner Adam Silver thinks LaVar Ball will chill out eventually.
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NBA commissioner Adam Silver went on ESPN’s Mike and Mike on Wednesday and offered some perfectly rational thoughts on the NBA draft’s predominant helicopter parent, LaVar Ball.

Silver made the salient point that once prodigious UCLA guard Lonzo Ball is drafted, his father will fade into the background somewhat, as most NBA parents tend to do. Silver said that he has only ever had to address one player’s dad during his time as commissioner — “in a very polite way.” He also credited Ball’s “quite incredible” ability to drum up free publicity.

“I think here, if I were an NBA team looking at Lonzo Ball, I'm not sure how much consideration I would give to his father. I think ultimately the issue is, how much game does Lonzo have, how great a player can he be,” Silver said.

“I think his dad will invariably settle down once his son is drafted and a team has the appropriate discussions with him. So I'm not concerned about that.”

The LaVar Ball mass-media aggregation tour continues on, but Silver is probably right.

We can all hope, at least. Including the writers of these posts.

That said, there’s an alternate universe where Adam Silver better stay in his lane.