2017 NBA Finals Coverage: Warriors vs. Cavs III

The Warriors-Cavaliers trilogy is almost here. As we wait for one of the most anticipated clashes in NBA history, here's all of The Crossover's preview content.
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If it feels like we've been waiting for Warriors-Cavaliers III all season, you're right.

One of the most anticipated clashes in NBA history is almost here. After trading championships the last two years, the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers meet again to settle their difference in the NBA Finals. The Dubs have run through the postseason undefeated, while the Cavs have only dropped one game. Can Golden State get revenge after relinquishing last year's 3–1 lead? Or will LeBron James and Co. defy the odds once again to claim another crown?

The Crossover is here for all of your Warriors-Cavs III preview needs. Below, find the 2017 NBA Finals schedule along with our features, profiles, columns, videos and more. Bookmark this page and check back throughout the Finals for more coverage.

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2017 NBA Finals preview coverage

Suspension Of Belief: Do the other teams matter in Superteam Era?
•​ The Thrillogy Is Here: Get ready for the NBA's Superteam Showdown
•​ Crystal Ball: NBA Finals predictions: Will Warriors or Cavaliers win?
• The NBA Finals never get any easier for LeBron James — here's why
• Seven questions that will determine the outcome of the NBA Finals
• Let the Finals begin: 23 reasons to be excited for Warriors-Cavs III
• The inevitability of Warriors-Cavs III doesn't cheapest NBA season
• Open Floor Podcast: Previewing Warriors-Cavaliers III and more
•​ From 30 to 1: Ranking the Warriors and Cavaliers in the NBA Finals
•​ Are NBA fans more interested in failure than success? It seems so
• Give and Go: Which NBA players have the most to gain and lose?
• Timeline: Looking back at the last three years of Warriors-Cavs III


Warriors coverage

I'm Ready': The Text That Started Warriors' Dynasty
Dubs Dynasty: Warriors Are Just Getting Started
Kerr's Celebration: Soaked In Champagne And Joy
Warriors Complete Revenge Tour With Finals Win
LeBron's Reality: Warriors Aren't Going Anywhere
What Are Odds We Get Warriors-Cavs IV?
Warriors-Cavaliers: Who Is Greatest Of All-Time?
The 10 Best Playoff Teams In Sports History
What's On The Line If The Warriors Finish 16-0?
The Splash Model: Appreciate Steph, But Emulate Klay
• Lee Jenkins: The Warriors' deadly combination of hustle and flow
• Andrew Sharp: Has Kevin Durant taken the fun out of Warriors-Cavs III?
• Chris Ballard: Steve Kerr's playoff absence: The true test of a leader
•​ David West's guidebook: How NBA players should deal with the media
We're baaack: The Warriors' 3-1 revenge tour reaches the NBA Finals
• For Curry, Klay, Durant and the Warriors: It's gotta be the shoes
•​ Breaking down the pros and cons of Warriors' world dominance


Cavaliers coverage

Ben Golliver: Cavs can't pin all their problems on KD
​• The Cavs' big three could use a little help
​• The Truth? Pierce is wrong about LeBron vs. KD
​• Warriors have rendered LeBron's brilliance inadequate
​• Ben Golliver: LeBron James stands tall in the face of hatred
Andrew Sharp: Can Durant finally tip the balance against LeBron?
•​ The Luxury of Love: Cleveland's not-so-secret playoff weapon is firing
• The Curse of LeBron James? He makes everything look so easy
• LeBron's emotional connection to MJ and the playoff scoring record
The biggest stop of Kevin Love's life? It wasn't the 2016 NBA Finals
The NBA still has no answer for stopping Playoff LeBron James


More Finals coverage

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• Photos: LBJ: Best hugger | LBJ off court | 100 best Finals photos | Warriors In Photos


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