Joel Embiid tells Ben Simmons to dunk all over Lonzo Ball after Lakers' pick

We may be on the cusp of a Joel Embiid and LaVar Ball rivalry.
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Shortly after Lonzo Ball was selected with the No. 2 overall pick in the NBA draft, Joel Embiid took to Twitter to ask his teammate for a favor.

Ben Simmons tweeted "Crazy pills" as LaVar Ball was being interviewed on television. Joel Embiid quote-tweeted it with "Please dunk on him so hard that his daddy runs on the court to save him."

The Philadelphia 76ers selected Markelle Fultz of Washington with the No. 1 overall pick. Sixers fans have now coined their team the FEDS, which stands for Fultz, Embiid, Dario and Simmons.

Embiid and LaVar Ball is a rivalry that we've all been waiting for.