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Damian Lillard On Kyrie Irving: 'Who Wouldn't Want to Go To The Finals Every Year?'

Damian Lillard can't see why anyone wouldn't want to play alongside LeBron James.

Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard is confused as to why anyone wouldn't want to play alongside LeBron James, he said in an interview with SI Now.

Kyrie Irving reportedly wants to be traded, and the Cleveland Cavaliers point guard was apparently miffed that other guards like Damian Lillard and John Wall were at the heart of their respective franchises. Irving's frustration with the Cavaliers had been building over time, ESPN reported.

Lillard was asked by Maggie Gray whether he believes that his situation with the Trail Blazers is better than Irving's with Cleveland.

"Who wouldn't want to go to the Finals every year?" Lillard says. "I think they've been to the Finals the last three years. I would love to do that."

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Watch the interview clip below:

Why Kyrie Irving's Trade Request (Kind of) Makes Sense

Lillard was also asked whether he would ever demand a trade from a team that has James.

"I don't know because I've never played with LeBron," Lillard added. "Just watching from the outside, you see how easy he makes the game for everybody else. I'm not sure what it's like playing with LeBron in person but the player, I'm not sure why anybody wouldn't want to play with him."