Jimmy Butler's main mode of transportation is just as odd as what he uses to decorate it with.

By Khadrice Rollins
October 10, 2017

Jimmy Butler is one of the best players in the NBA, but the car he drives would make you think his is a soccer mom.

In an SI story from Lee Jenkins on the three-time All-Star, Butler revealed that despite being on the verge of NBA super stardom, he would rather cruise in a minivan than a luxury sports car.

In his piece, Jenkins writes:

Butler flies in a Gulfstream but drives a Toyota minivan with a baby on board sticker across the back, even though he is single with no children. 

That's right. The same man who was ranked the 11th best player in the NBA by SI rides around in a minivan that lies about the presence of a baby.

Don't Try to Change Jimmy Butler

According to the piece, the sticker is about Butler's aspirations to have children. But Butler's preference to take the Toyota minivan over one of his more fancy cars does come off as strange to his workout partner Mike Smith. For Smith, it isn't just the car he rides in Butler with, though—it's also about what he has coming out the speakers.

Smith, now a close-cropped sophomore guard at Columbia, lives with Butler in the offseason and is often behind the wheel of the minivan. “You own a Rolls-Royce and an Escalade!” Smith gripes. “Why do we always have to take this big-ass soccer mom car and listen to Garth Brooks?”

There's More to Dion Than Waiters Island

So not only does Jimmy Butler drive a minivan over a Rolls-Royce, he does so while blasting country music out of the sound system.

Is Jimmy Butler actually a 44-year-old mother of three?

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