The Ball family is not turning down any money making opportunity.

By Charlotte Carroll
October 19, 2017

The infamous Ball family is leaving no money making opportunity on the table. They're apparently trying to charge $15,000 for Lonzo Ball interviews that go beyond Ball's media obligations as a Lakers player, reports VICE Sports. 

"The Ball family is now charging $15,000 for interviews that extend past Ball's media obligations as a member of the Lakers," Seerat Sohi writes in Vice Sports. "The very fact of that absurd fee reveals more than Lonzo, with his piercing stare and cliche-ridden answers ever would—it reveals the ethic that they insist we understand: no stone un-monetized."

Honestly, this isn't that surprising given the other things the family is doing. 

The family just announced their Big Baller Brand emojis, which are for sale on the iTunes App store this week for a modest fee. 

The Big Baller Brand Emojis Are Here and They Are Just as Awesome as You Would Expect

A few weeks ago, Big Baller Brand announced its revised Lonzo Ball's ZO2 Prime shoes that will retail for $495. Customers will get their shoes in late November. 

So if you can't afford to talk to the real Lonzo, you can at least send an emoji of him.