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LeBron Is Vaguely Expressing Displeasure Online Again

The Cavs are 4–6 and LeBron just posted a meme from a children’s show. 

Can you believe we’re only three weeks into the NBA season and LeBron James is already posting cartoon images of anthropomorphic aardvarks in an apparent reference to his team’s poor play? 

LeBron has been known to send messages to his team in the form of cryptic online posts but he usually takes a few more months before venting on social media. With the Cavs’ record at 4–6, James is already steaming a bit. 

Alright, some context for anyone who isn’t online all the damn time: This is a screenshot from a 1999 episode of the children’s television show Arthurthat meme authority Know Your Meme says “is often accompanied by captions describing various infuriating or frustrating circumstances.”

Infuriating or frustrating circumstances like losing five out of your last six games? Or circumstances like the Celtics beating the Hawks for their ninth consecutive win?

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Or is the Ohio State superfan just still miffed about the Buckeyes’ loss to Iowa on Saturday? Because LeBron is always intentionally and frustratingly vague, you’ll just have to draw your own conclusions.