Someone Tell This Newspaper That Kirk and DeMarcus Cousins Aren’t the Same Guy

Kirk Cousins fighting Russell Westbrook does sound fun, though. 
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The thing I’m most thankful for this Thanksgiving season is being able to easily correct any mistakes in my writing. That’s the upside of working in digital instead of print. If I make a typo I can go back in and fix it, even after the post is published.

Newspaper writers aren’t as fortunate, as this photo from Kirk Cousins shows. 

Yes, the Kirk/DeMarcus mix-up is unfortunate, but don’t sleep on missing word in the phrase “knocked Westbrook the floor.”

Hey, it could always be worse. At least this appears to be buried in the sports briefs. My college paper once ran a front-page headline declaring the basketball coach had been fired when in fact it was the football coach—with whom the basketball coach shared a first name—who’d gotten the ax.