This is peak Klay. 

By Dan Gartland
November 21, 2017

It doesn’t look like “Klay Thompson Out for Season After Scaffolding Collapse” is a headline we’ll be seeing any time soon. 

The dangers of scaffolding is a big story in New York right now after five people were injured in a collapse over the weekend, so Fox 5 set out to get the everyman’s perspective. They ended up finding... Klay Thompson. 

I’m sure the Warriors will be happy to hear that he inspects sidewalk scaffolding for safety defects. 

Also, big ups to Fox 5 for correctly identifying that the guy on camera was an NBA player, unlike the Fox affiliate in Houston that couldn’t identify Adrian Peterson. (Although, Thompson explained later that the reporter didn’t know who he was. It was the cameraman who recognized him after the reporter approached him.)

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