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Ranking the Best Terminology Used by Woj to Technically Avoid Tipping NBA Draft Picks

This year's NBA draft was supposed to void of ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski tipping picks. He found a way to do it anyway.

Thursday's NBA draft was supposed to be free of ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski tweeting out picks before they came in.

The league asked ESPN's top news breaker to keep his Twitter fingers to himself so people could learn about picks by watching the draft on ESPN or just keeping up with things on the internet after the selections had been made.

However, Woj couldn't stop himself from dropping bombs, so he decided to get creative with how he reported picks before they became official.

Here is a ranking of the best phrases and words used by Woj on draft night to avoid technically tipping picks.

16. "locked in on"

15. "focused on"

14. "prefers"

13. "targeting"

12. "cleared the way to choose"

11. "locked on"

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10. "zeroed in on"

9. "determined"

8. "are on"

7. "fixated on"

6. "unlikely to resist"

5. "enamored with"

4. "no plans to pass on"

3. "tantalized"

2. "has a laser on"

1. "will select"

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