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Mystics' Kristi Toliver Calls Out Airplane Neighbor For Racist Text

Toliver had decried a white supremacist rally taking place in Washington, D.C. just a week before. 

On Aug. 12, Mystics guard Krisit Toliver addressed the crowd inside Capitol One Arena before Washington's game against the Dallas Wings and condemned a white supremacist rally being staged a street away from the White House. Just over a week later, Toliver found herself facing the same type of conduct she had denounced.

During a flight from Minnesota, Toliver noticed the man seated next to her had sent a racist text message. She managed to get a picture of it and shared it to Instagram.

"Sitting next to a guy on the plane leaving from Minnesota headed back to DC I glance over at him sending a text....," Toliver wrote. "'[S]itting in between two mystic players, must’ve played minny last night. All black team, of course.' This is the ignorant and idiotic s--t that I just spoke about a week ago. Couldn’t manage to sit next to him, so I changed seats. If you do nothing with your week, please just be kind and nonjudgmental."

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