“Gives it up, gets it back. Gives it up, gets it back.”

By Dan Gartland
February 01, 2019

People say basketball is like jazz. Ten people moving balletically, leaping, stretching and twirling to put the ball in the hoop. A good game flows smoothly and erratically simultaneously like a saxophone solo. 

But this possession from Thursday night’s Pistons-Mavericks game is the exact opposite of that. It’s a piano player slamming his fist on the keys. 

Yes, that little passing drill between Blake Griffin and Reggie Jackson was so futile that Blake was called for the rare offensive three-second violation. 

This is literally a scene from the 2008 Will Ferrell film Semi-Pro, except Ferrell’s character at least had the good sense to stay out of the lane to avoid the three-second call. 

It’s a pretty spot-on encapsulation of the Pistons’ season. At 22–28, they’re too good to get a top draft pick to pair Blake but not good enough to make a playoff run, even if they are only two games out the eighth seed. They’re not really accomplishing much of anything. 

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