Austin Rivers was ready to check this guy, but then he got silent.

By Khadrice Rollins
February 10, 2019

For some reason, fans are way too hype to get pro athletes' attention by saying rude things.

The latest instance involves Rockets guard Austin Rivers.

In a video that recently surfaced, Rivers is walking past a group of fans as one yells out, "your dad sucks at coaching." Austin's dad is Clippers coach and 2008 NBA champion Doc Rivers.

But when Austin went to discuss the comment with the fan, the person suddenly lost all the energy they previously had and was unable to speak anymore.

If you're going to yell something at any person, at least have the nerve to stand by your words and not turn into a coward when confronted.

And when that person you want to yell at is an NBA player who spent four of their seven seasons in the league playing under their coach father, you should probably just keep your thoughts about the dad's coaching skills to yourself.


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