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NBA Power Rankings: Where Do All 30 Teams Stand After All-Star Weekend?

The NBA All-Star break is here and teams have time to relax and prepare for the rest of the season. So where do teams stand? The Crossover answers that and more in this week's edition of power rankings.

The All-Star break is here and so it is naturally a perfect time for teams to look ahead at what they can still make of this season while also reflecting on what they’ve done over the course of the first two-thirds of the season to end up where they are. All of the award races and final playoff spots look like they are going to go down to the wire, so we should be in for a treat in these final two months.

In this week’s Power Rankings, I’m going to revisit where I ranked teams at the start of the season and discuss what their futures could hold post break while also looking at what I might have miss calculated prior to the season getting underway.


30. Knicks | Last Week: 1-2 | Overall: 11-47 | Previous Ranking: 30

Preseason Ranking: 29

Everything is going according to schedule in New York. Nothing much to discuss here besides shouting out an end to 18-game losing streak.

29. Suns | Last Week: 0-1 | Overall: 11-48 | Previous Ranking: 29

Preseason Ranking: 26

Kelly Oubre Jr. could be a big part in this team’s future. But for right now the Suns should be in the gym and getting shots up, because they don’t have time for a break according to Devin Booker.

28. Bulls | Last Week: 1-1 | Overall: 14-44 | Previous Ranking: 27

Preseason Ranking: 27

The Bulls have gone through a lot of shake ups in the first two-thirds of the season. Jim Boylen and Otto Porter Jr. are the latest long-term GarPax investments and those two will have the chance to lay the framework for a better tomorrow in Chicago as the season closes out.

27. Grizzlies | Last Week: 0-2 | Overall: 23-36 | Previous Ranking: 24

Preseason Ranking: 17

For the time being, Mike Conley is around to help Jaren Jackson Jr. usher in a new era of Grizzlies basketball. It likely won’t be as fun as Grit ‘N Grind, but who knows. Seeing how JJ closes the year could be telling for what the future holds in Memphis.

26. Cavaliers | Last Week: 1-1 | Overall: 12-46 | Previous Ranking: 28

Preseason Ranking: 19

I was really banking on Kevin Love to be around this season to keep Cleveland almost relevant. Instead, the Cavaliers are thinking about getting another No. 1 pick in light of losing LeBron. Maybe with Love in action they’ll rise in the standings over the final third of the year.

25. Pelicans | Last Week: 1-1 | Overall: 26-33 | Previous Ranking: 25

Preseason Ranking: 11

The Pelicans did not have the depth necessary to withstand injuries, as they already were too thin on the wing from the start. Now instead of thinking about building off the success from last year’s playoff series victory as the 2019 postseason approaches, the team and fans will be focused on making sure Anthony Davis doesn’t get injured and damage his trade value. It’s wild how much can change in one year.

24. Hawks | Last Week: 1-1 | Overall: 19-39 | Previous Ranking: 26

Preseason Ranking: 28

The Hawks have been one of my favorite teams to watch over the last month. They aren’t going to pull away from the bottom of the back after the All-Star Break, but they could establish themselves as one of the best among the league’s bottom feeders. More wins like the one Tuesday over the Lakers might hurt their draft stock, but they do wonders for helping a young core grow together.

23. Wizards | Last Week: 0-2 | Overall: 24-34 | Previous Ranking: 20

Preseason Ranking: 15

It would have made all the sense in the world if the wheels just fell off in Washington, but they haven’t. The car isn’t moving that well. And it needs a lot of work. But the wheels are still attached and this thing is moving. Not to the playoffs, but moving nonetheless.

22. Hornets | Last Week: 0-2 | Overall: 27-30 | Previous Ranking: 19

Preseason Ranking: 24

The question in Charlotte remains to be, “How much more can we get from everyone not named Kemba Walker?” Maybe after hosting All-Star Weekend, guys will be a bit more inspired to lock up a playoff spot to see if that’s enough to keep Walker around long-term.

21. Heat | Last Week: 1-1 | Overall: 26-30 | Previous Ranking: 22

Preseason Ranking: 16

I was expecting the Heat to come off of last year’s playoff run and at least cement themselves as one of the top eight teams in the East this season. Instead, Goran Dragic missed heavy time and now Miami will spend the back end of its campaign fighting it out with the Hornets, Pistons and Magic to see if Dwyane Wade can get one last postseason.

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20. Lakers | Last Week: 0-1 | Overall: 28-29 | Previous Ranking: 17

Preseason Ranking: 10

I thought simply having LeBron would make this a top-10 team. And up until Christmas, that seemed to be the case. But after a loss in Atlanta, the playoffs are looking way further away than they were supposed to for Los Angeles. But maybe LeBron has something after the break to avoid the embarrassment of leaving Cleveland just to have a longer offseason. Although, now that I think about it, that actually does sound like a win off the court even if it does mean the Finals streak ends.

19. Timberwolves | Last Week: 2-0 | Overall: 27-30 | Previous Ranking: 23

Preseason Ranking: 18

The Timberwolves got rid of the two former Bulls pieces that were expected to be the most helpful. Now with Ryan Saunders in Tom Thibodeau’s role and Derrick Rose functioning as third option next to Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins, Minnesota gets 25 more games to officially turn the chapter on what was an awkward season to say the least.

18. Magic | Last Week: 2-0 | Overall: 27-32 | Previous Ranking: 21

Preseason Ranking: 30

I didn’t think the Magic had much in the tank going into this season and was expecting them to just fade into oblivion throughout the season. Instead, Orlando is looking at ending its six-year playoff drought as the regular season races toward its conclusion.

With one of the league’s top-10 defenses on the year, the Magic have just as good a shot as any of the teams fighting for one of the last two playoff spots in the East.

Steve Clifford doesn’t have too much experience when it comes to finishing out a season to lock up a spot in the postseason, but he has done it before. Then again, this was the thought with Frank Vogel, and he has significantly more playoff coaching experience.

Although Clifford will need to lead a helping hand to make this season go beyond 82 games, the bulk of the Magic’s success will fall on it’s starting unit.

D.J. Augustin and Evan Fournier are not the most sought after backcourt duo in their own division, but they have an opportunity to make the Magic the only team from the Southeast in the postseason if they continue to hold their own on a nightly basis. Nikola Vucevic has to ride the wave from making his first All-Star appearance and continue to dominate down the stretch.

If he and Jonathan Isaac can hold things down in the middle like they have been these last couple weeks, Orlando might be able to bank on having an advantage inside in practically every game remaining—especially if Aaron Gordon can improve his finishing inside of 10 feet. Add in Terrence Ross stretching the floor from off the bench, and the Magic have a squad that can make a run to close out the year in the playoffs.

Winners of seven of their last eight, the Magic are also on a five game winning streak. Their biggest issue going forward in addition to their 22nd-ranked offense is just that they’ve played either two or three more games than the other teams in the playoff hunt. So making up ground in the loss column will be a bit of a struggle.

17. Pistons | Last Week: 1-1 | Overall: 26-30 | Previous Ranking: 18

Preseason Ranking:  20

I hoped the Pistons would have had a slightly better record and Dwane Casey would have made a more positive impact at this point. But with such a veteran group, maybe everything will just click on the back end. As long as the offseason comes after at least four additional games, this year won’t be a complete wash for the Pistons.

16. Mavericks | Last Week: 0-2 | Overall: 26-31 | Previous Ranking: 16

Preseason Ranking: 22

The Mavericks have one last stab at making the playoffs if they can get one big winning streak before April. But these final games will be mostly about watching Luka Doncic finish up a terrific rookie season. If we just so happen to see him playing meaningful games in the season’s final weeks, that’ll just be a cherry on top.

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15. Nets | Last Week: 1-1 | Overall: 30-29 | Previous Ranking: 14

Preseason Ranking: 23