Dennis Rodman Shares Letter Wishing Donald Trump Good Luck at North Korea Summit

Rodman said that Trump and Kim are on the cusp of a "big, beautiful deal."
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Dennis Rodman posted a letter on Instagram wishing Donald Trump "best of luck" as a second summit between the United States president and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un takes place in Hanoi this week.

Rodman, who has maintained strong relationships with both Trump and Kim, wrote that he continues to bear a "strong commitment to assisting" discussions with North Korea. Rodman attended the first summit between the two leaders last year in June at Singapore, but he is not in Hanoi for the second meeting.

"You are on the cusp of a big, beautiful deal," Rodman said. "One that would make you the front runner for a Nobel Peace Prize without question. You have my forever and forever support!"

Last year, ahead of the Singapore summit, Rodman publicly offered support for Trump during an emotional interview with CNN. The former NBA player said that he plans to speak with Trump following his return from Hanoi, explaining that the two have "a lot of work to do."

"Mr. President and Chairman Kim, I wish you nothing but the best of luck on this second historic Summit... God Bless," Rodman wrote. "Friends always!"